CRI Hit FM FM88.7 广播电台在线收听
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CRI Hit FM FM88.7
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CRI Hit FM FM88.7 节目表
00:00-06:00《The Night Mix》00:00-08:00《The Night Mix》00:00-08:00《The Night Mix》
06:00-07:00《Morning Call》 08:00-12:00《AT 40》 08:00-12:00《Weekend Morning Show》
07:00-10:00《Hit Morning Show》 12:00-13:00《OST》14:00-16:00《Hit the Road》
10:00-13:00《At Work Network》13:00-15:00《Hit FM Top20 Countdown》 16:00-18:00《Rock DJ》
13:00-16:00《Lazy Afternoon》 15:00-18:00《Weekend Ride》 18:00-20:00《Hit FM Top20 Countdown》
16:00-19:00《Big Drive Home》 18:00-20:00《The Park》 20:00-23:59《AT 40 (重播)》
19:00-22:00《New Music Express》20:00-23:59《Hit FM Remix》
22:00-23:59《Night Vibe》
CRI Hit FM FM88.7 介绍

Hit FM是中国国际广播电台旗下的国际流行音乐频率,2003年4月16日开始在北京试播。与中国传统的综合性电台不同,Hit FM采用国际上最成熟、最专业的类型化音乐电台(Pure Format Radio)操作模式,全天24小时滚动播出当今国际流行乐坛最动感、时尚的热门金曲,坚持推广高品质、国际化的流行音乐文化,致力打造动感、时尚、与国际接轨的品牌形象,力争成为都市时尚人群生活中不可或缺的音乐伴侣。

Hit FM is China's only format radio network specialized in playing current international hits. We broadcast to 6 major cities across the country including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, the three most developed urban centers. In addition to non-stop hit music, Hit FM offers a wide variety of popular shows. Hit Morning Show and Big Drive Home are amongst the best- rating radio programs across all major cities. As the most authoritative international hits chart show of the country, Top 20 Countdown airs weekly and is syndicated nationwide (14 major cities). Straight from the US, Ryan Seacrest's AT40 show also calls Hit FM home in China. Since its launch in 2003, Hit FM has been actively involved in many influential music events of a global scale. For instance, we were the sole broadcaster of Live 8 and Live Earth in China. Hit FM is also a proud advocate of the green movement and many worthy charitable causes, spearheading two successful relief concerts for the Tsunami victims and Sichuan's Earthquake survivors respectively.

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